JT Hanging Bracket Assembly

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The JT Hanging Bracket Assembly is designed for a variety of applications to add connection points along the bottom of the Jumbotrac JT1 and Jumbotrac JT3 aluminum extrusions. The bracket system slides in the bottom track of the beam and can be tightened and affixed anywhere along the beam length. Perfect for lighting, hanging small truss, decor applications, adding drop ceiling fans, and for many other applications. The bracket assembly is constructed of welded steel and is zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Bracket can be used in multiple configurations:

  • Perpendicular to beam
  • Perpendicular to ground
  • Parallel to beam (requires purchase of two (2) bracket assemblies, pipe and pins (all sold separately))
  • Each assembly includes one (1) bracket with bolts.

Maximum Engineered Hanging load 50lbs
**See tent engineering for maximum hanging load of the tent system.

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