Canopy Jack Lite w/Feet | 11'4"H

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The Canopy Jack Lite w/Feet | 11'4"H is built for frame systems with leg height between 6'8" and 9'4". This jack is intended for smaller frames and lighter load applications; including Festival CAN-T/W High Peaks, 2” Traditional Frame up to 20x and Jumbotrac Lite up to 20x. Note: one jack is required at each leg being lifted. This jack is not suited for "double tube" and larger frame supported tents.

Its portable, lightweight design allows for easier moving around the jobsite and removable legs makes transporting this jack a breeze. Each kit includes (1) Jack base assembly, (3) Foot extensions, (1) Jack Top Roller, (1) Jack Mast 6'0", (1) Canopy Jack Strap & Hook Assembly, and (1) 1500lb Worm Gear webbing winch. The design of the winch requires the operator to crank up and crank down the load. This item is available to ship via UPS. Maximum Lifting Capacity: 100lbs (45Kg)

NOTICE: Lifting of tents beyond the capacity of the jack or using less jacks than the required number of jacks per pick point can result in damage to the jack, damage to the tent frame, and/or could result in failure to the system leading to injury. DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED USAGE OF THIS PRODUCT

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