Ballast Plate/Frame | Welded Steel

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This ballasting plate is designed to capture the uplift and lateral forces on most Aztec Tents products and integrate with common industry cement block dimensions. The frame seat is ideal for ballast footprints measuring 40" x 20" & 20" x 20". Multiple ballast blocks can be stacked on this frame for increased holding power. Cement ballast should be physically connected to the frame with a ratchet strap with a working load greater then the total ballast weight (sold separately). The frame features alignment corner guides that enable multiple ballast frames to be stacked efficiently during transport. The frame is welded from precision cut steel and finished with a durable silver zinc plating process. 

*Plate is compatible with the following product baseplates: Festival, Qwik Frame, Jumbotrac Lite, Jumbotrac, Jumbotrac Tilt-up

This plate is not compatible with Festival CAN-W and Festival CAN-W baseplates. 

SKU: Z299F00205

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