8 Way Crown

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This eight arm fitting serves as the crown fitting for all square, hip end frame tent designs larger than 15' wide (i.e. 20'x20', 30'x30', and 40'x40'). The 8 Way Crown has two different sets of angles; one to connect the four hip rafter pipes, and one to connec tthe standard intermediate rafters. Be sure to properly align these angles into the proper orientation. It is designed for use on traditional/west coast style frame tent systems that utilize 2.0" round aluminum tubing with a 0.125" wall thickness. The fitting is welded from precision cut 1.25" Schedule 40 steel pipe and then powder coated with a grey gloss coating. The dimensions of the 1.25" SCH 40 pipe are 1.660" OD and 1.380" ID.

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