Single Canopy Door Set (L)

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The Single Canopy Door Set (L) is an economical product to add a functional egress point to most any frame tent or frame structure. With a header bar (sold separately) this door can also be utilized on most pole supported tents. The doors are produced with a highly tensioned, replaceable fabric covering making them extremely light weight and portable. The hinges are positioned on the Left side when looking from the outside of the door. The upper door panels are clear and the bottom panels are white blockout. The opening size for the single door opening is 36"w x 81" +3"/-0"h. The door system includes (1) Door Frame, (1) Door Panel Left, (2) Door Connection Brackets, (1) Door Closer Arms, (2) Baseplates, and (1) transport ground bar.
Base Material: Welded Steel & Welded Aluminum Door Inserts
Finish: Powder Coated Grey Gloss

SKU: Z51600029

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